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    Carryall Super-Duty ULV Fogger


    The Carryall Super-Duty ULV Fogger is designed around a super-duty motor. Comes with extra features that help you work more efficiently: A precision valve on the nozzle so you can adjust flow rate. A heavy-duty flex hose so you can direct spray into narrow spaces and around corners.

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  • backpack

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    Backpack Rechargeable ULV Fogger

    $3,495.00 $2,949.00

    The Backpack is a next generation, rechargeable ULV fogger. It combines the best features of ULV electric foggers — adjustable flow and zero emissions — with a convenient and environment-friendly power-source.

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  • Handheld Battery Sprayer

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    Handheld Battery Operated Sprayer

    Germ Control Solutions Professional Handheld battery operated sprayer, 1/2 gallon tank, can reach up to 8 feet, 1 hour spraying time per battery charge, 5-40 Micron size.
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