Germ Control Corporate Disinfecting Program


Geared for large facilities with in-house janitorial/maintenance staff . Germ Control Corporate Disinfecting Program provides proper professional equipment, the industries very best and safest disinfectants and sanitizers, with world class in-house training by Germ Control Solutions experts, so you can develop your own in-house disinfecting program operated and maintained by your own staff.

Germ Control Corporate Disinfecting Program allows you to learn best practices in the new normal of facility disinfection while saving time and money by doing it yourself. We provide:
1. Equipment: State of the art Professional equipment like the Pros use.
2. Solutions: We don't even use the term "Chemicals"... We provide the safest and most powerful effective disinfecting "solutions" to use in the equipment able to virtually kill anything in your building including Covid-19; H1N1; STAPH; MRSA; C-Diff; Influenza A & B and numerous other viruses while being harmless to people, plants and animals.
3. We provide World Class training to your staff by our Industry experts, in-house at your facility. Germ Control Solutions will educate and train your staff in this field while onsite to be sure best practices are maintained.
Don't be fooled and overcharged by large contractors or other suppliers trying to jump into the disinfection business. Partner with Germ Control Solutions and our Corporate Disinfecting Program to start a long term disinfection protocol in your facility. The new normal in facilities today.
To inquire about this program contact us at 1-330-553-0828

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